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Floor stand-Free your hands ,Enjoy better life

Time : 2022-05-07 Hits : 86

With the popularity of smart phones, consumers have the needs to use mobile phones in various scenarios, but it is tiring and inconvenient to hold the phone with their hands, and the view angle is not suitable if placing the phone on the table. At this time, a mobile phone holder is needed, which can help free both hands and also display the phone screen at a suitable angle.
However, there are so many mobile phone holders on the market, we are always confused and meet some problems when choosing, such as:
How many types of mobile phone stands are there?
What kind of scenarios are different types of mobile phone holders suitable for?
Is there a phone holder for multi-scenario needs?
Mobile phone stand category
Think about it, how many postures do we have when using our mobile phones? There are only three types: standing, sitting, and lying down.
Therefore, the relevant mobile phone stands also have these three categories: floor stand , desktop stand ,lazy stand for bed .
Floor stand-Free your hands ,enjoy better life


Usually the people who use the floor stand are the anchors or those who like to take selfies, because most people still like to sit or lie down to use their mobile phones. they won’t stand to use the mobile phones unless it is required for work . Such product are big and heavy and have greater limitations in use.